Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Goodbyes Suck. And So Do Astalavistas.

What I learned today was that I don’t like goodbyes. Hot Mama and Daddy are heading off to Mexico for a couple of days to attend a wedding, leaving me and Wyatt with Gram, Grampa and Gabby. Now as much as I love hanging with the 3 Gs, I’m gonna miss my parents. I just hope Hot Mama stacked up the joint with enough breast milk to last. I need it everyday. It’s the ying to my yang. And they don’t sell it at Costco.

Or do they?

(Mental note: When I get older, pitch selling breast milk to Costco. Possibly in a package that actually looks like a boob, except you get 30 boobs in a package. Who wouldn't want that?)

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