Sunday, January 29, 2012

Company Makes Long Rides More Fun

What I learned today is that five hours of travelling ain’t so bad when you’re with the ones you love. We drove back home from Tahoe today, and although it only was supposed to take three and a half hours, it took us a bit longer. We stopped for a snack. Hot Mama went shopping in a store. We pumped gas. I ate peas again (WTF?) And through it all, I loved every minute. I got to stare at Wyatt as he watched “Cars” on his DVD. I watched the scenery pass by through the rear window. I eavesdropped on my parents talking about my Grandma, whose birthday it was today. And I took a nap. Seriously, you can’t beat that, really.

Also, I farted every single mile from Auburn to Vacaville. That’s gotta be a record somewhere.

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