Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Laughter Is A Weapon

What I learned today was that when something is odd, I can react to it. It involves creating a noise. Sometimes it's prolonged and at other times it can be quick and repetitive. Either way, it's a weapon, because any time I do this thing called "laughing", I get a reaction. And, most importantly, I get my way, all in the name of "Do it again".

So every reaction causes an action that benefits me.

And not only that, I have different types of laughs, so I can moderate what reward I give out.

There's the chuckle. That's when someone does something I find humorous.

There's the build-up. That's when someone does something I might find humorous, but I'm still making up my mind.

There's the caw. That's when someone does something I think is truly funny.

And there's the gutteral. That's when someone does something hilarious, and I can feel my laugh come up from my feet through my gut up to my neck and out my mouth, which is wide open.

That's the best one. I don't give those out too often.

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