Monday, September 26, 2011

I Am Not The Only One

What I learned today was that the further out I go, the more I take in. For example, we drove all the way out to Long Island to see even more family (I sense this will be a theme for the rest of the week). We saw my Aunt Danielle and my amazing cousins Sophia and Jillian. I also met Tracy and Anthony and Braiden (who played with Wyatt) and Aunt Barbara and Uncle Lou and Kristi and Jayson and Alana and Colin and Luke.

Wait, what?

Another Luke? can that be?

And he's like around my age.

Is this legal?

Can I get a ruling on this?

OK. I can share my name. I can take it. After all, he's a cool dude. We can spread the Lukeness together.

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