Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I'm New To This

What I learned today was that the world has many different wonderful colors. When I opened my eyes for the first time, everything was blurry. Then, once my womb fluid was wiped away, I saw lights and sheets and my umbilical cord and, after a couple of seconds, I got a solid glimpse at my daddy. He's funny looking. He has wild hair and was he was crying. So, a weirdo. Then I got a peek at my mommy. She's great looking, even when on drugs. I shall call her Hot Mama. Then I got a peek at my Gram, who was wearing a surgical mask so I couldn't really make a snap judgement about her. Essentially she comes with a Grampa, who was making silly faces at me when they put me on the scale.

And they all cried at some point.

So I know four people. That's four more than I knew a couple of minutes ago.

I keep growing my friend list at this rate, I'll break Facebook.

(And yes, I know about Facebook already).

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